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Item Number: 1PSF-28852: Sticky Tack Value Pack (5.3 oz.), Decoration, Halloween
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    Sticky Tack replaces tape and is a reusable adhesive that temporarily bonds wall signs and banners safely to your walls. Use to fasten posters, notices, greeting cards and more. Sticky Tack is a blue, non-toxic, sticky clay-like material. How to use Sticky Tack: Pull off a piece of Sticky Tack, Soften Sticky Tack between fingers, Apply on corners of item you want to hang. Please Note: Sticky Tack may not work on cold or damp surfaces, furniture, wallpaper, dusty surfaces or surfaces painted with flat paint. Sticky Tack may leave a faint mark on some surfaces. How to remove Sticky Tack: Gently roll Sticky Tack off of surface. Do not pull. Small traces can be rolled off with another ball of Sticky Tack. Do not leave on surface for more than 48 hours. Small traces may be removed with cleaning fluid. Do not use on furniture or decorations where the surface may be damaged. Each package contains approximately 15 strips (each strip is approximately 0.5'' wide x 3'' long) of Sticky Tack. Material: rubber, polybutene. Made in: China.
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